Bond & Coyne / Arts University Bournemouth


AUB AR is an interactive AR app that allows prospective students to engage with the university campus and access information about courses available.

The app works in tandem with the university prospectus, the cover of which it uses as an anchor to attach and AR representation of the campus. The app is especially helpful for overseas students who cannot visit the campus in person, helping to give them an interactive showcase of the campus layout.




The app has been used at UCAS fairs to draw in students and give them a flavour of the Arts University. The app includes 360 panoramas of each of the departments at the university to help put the user in the shoes of a student there.




Concept and development

No Ghost

Lead Developer

Jack Straw

Creative Director

Jason Hancock


Lawrence Bennett

Graphic Design

Bond & Coyne

Additional modelling & animation

Ritzy Animation