The Party

Guardian Media Group


No Ghost was approached to work with The Guardian on The Party, an immersive 360 VR experience for The Guardian’s VR platform.


The piece aims to portray the difficulties that people on the autistic spectrum can encounter in everyday life, in this case a surprise party. Putting the viewer in the shoes of autistic teenager Layla, The Party highlights the various symptoms of Autism and sensory overload.


Visual Effects


No Ghost created the various effects that portray the visual aspects of sensory overload. We used expert research and first hand accounts from autistic people to inform the visuals that were created. This project demanded a sensitive approach as we needed to be careful not to go too far and misrepresent the experiences of autism.




Feedback from the autistic community has been amazing and we’re very pleased to have been able to help communicate a sensitive subject in such a unique and engaging way.



Written By

Sumita Majumdar


Anrick Bregman, Shehani Fernando

Exec Producers

Francesca Panetta, Lucy Hawking, Ben Grass

Visual Effects

No Ghost



Post Production

Rodolfo Zani, Alessandra Marchi Carrasco

Sound Design

Richard Nathan


Kai van Beers, MPC