OB1 Hand

Open Bionics

The OB1 is a new prosthetic hand designed for amputees by Bristol based robotics company Open Bionics. No Ghost was commissioned to create a CG demo video to show off the features of the OB1 hand.

The video coincides with the official launch of the hand and Open Bionics new website, more information about the OB1 and Open Bionics can be found here.



Open Bionics provided us with detailed design data for the OB1 hand which we were able to adapt into renderable models. It was important to match the look of the 3D printed materials used as closely as possible.



Directed by

No Ghost


Kye Dorricott

Modelling & additional animation

Luke Gibbard


Tom Flavelle

Kye Dorricott


Kye Dorricott