The Queens House - Spirited Digital experience

Royal MUSEUM of Greenwich

Have you ever wished you could bring characters from history back to life? Spirited, a ground-breaking augmented reality experience, allows history to come alive in your hands.


Launched to coincide with the 400th anniversary of the Queen’s House, you can use Spirited to find the ‘spirits’ of personalities that have been part of the Queen’s House’s long and fascinating history.


No Ghost was tasked with mapping and recreating the Great Hall of the Queen’s House to be used in the real time augmented reality environment. The exhibition places digitally scanned models in period costume around the environment of the Queen’s House Great Hall, viewable through a tablet device that also conveys information about each “spirit” found in the Queen’s House.


A new kind of museum Experience

Spirited: A digital adventure is the first experience of its kind in the UK that uses Google’s breakthrough augmented reality technology ‘Tango’. Project Tango technology gives any mobile device the ability to navigate the physical world in a similar way to humans. The Queen’s House is one of the world’s first cultural places to trial this revolutionary technology alongside the Detroit Museum of Art, USA and the Art Science Museum, Singapore.




No Ghost

Digital Designer & Producer

Fabrice Jouvenot

3D Tracking

Google Tango

App Development

Royal Museums Greenwich


Additional App Development



Character Scanning

Digitage Scan3D