AUB Augmented Reality

Bond & Coyne / Arts University Bournemouth

AUB AR is an interactive AR app that allows prospective students to engage with the university campus.

augmented reality AR app for AUB arts institute ucas demo for students
AUB AR Campus AO Render

Experience the Arts University Bournemouth campus come alive in your hands.

We partnered with AUB and Bond & Coyne to build a unique showcase of the virtual campus. Working in tandem with the 2018 prospectus, users can explore student work and view augmented 360 captures of the university buildings.

ucas event AUB tablet augmented reality app 360 virtual tour

Using the latest technological innovation to engage with the target audience.

The app has been used on the ground at UCAS fairs to draw in students and give them a flavour of the Arts University. Users loved the ability to follow the animated characters and see the buildings come alive in Augmented Reality.

unity outline screen space rendering asset AR

Rock solid spatial tracking encourages users to get close and explore.

The app works in tandem with the university prospectus, using the cover as a marker to build an AR representation of the campus. The app is especially helpful for overseas students who cannot visit the campus in person, helping to give them a feel for the university and the student experience there.

how to use augmented reality app instruction screen using maker based tracking
explore the virtual university college campus using immersive technology
geo tagged location markers to explore 360 virtual tour of campus
user interface for AUB augmented reality app on play store and itunes
architecture images from students in the AUB AR app
AUB AR 3D model asset for augmented reality app


No Ghost
Lead Developer
Jack Straw
Creative Director
Jason Hancock
Lawrence Bennett
Graphic Design
Bond & Coyne
Additional Modelling & Animation
Ritzy Animation