Three Lights

Third Lighter

Three Lights is a VR piece that tells the story of three British soldiers in the trenches of the First World War.

Three Lights Cover Image of two soldiers in WW1 trench after the battle of somme
ralph soldier clay character zbrush render

Travel back immerse yourself in a faithful and affecting recreation of World War I.

No Ghost was responsible for delivering fully animated character assets from design to final engine integration. Utilising performance capture by The Mocap Studio, Three Lights delivers a rich, emotional and interactive experience immersing the player in the stories of the characters.

mike mrkitevr three lights virtual reality demo
three lights look development characters world war one


Extensive research ensured all details were of the time period. As characters that had survived the battle of Somme, they had to show the weight of the war on their shoulders and in turn, their uniforms.

three lights motion capture mocap facial sensor suits


A combination of full body mocap and facial performance capture allow the actors to impart more emotion to the story.

three lights unreal engine screenshot


Matthew Needham - Stanley James Bailey - Ralph Maria Pearson - Nurse Antonia Davies - Mother Toby Williams - Horatio Bottomley
Written by
Michael O’Connor & Lee Harris
Motion Capture & Animation
The MoCap Studio
Lead Programmer
Richard Sherriff
Foley Artist
Michael Leaning Lounge Studios
Michael O’Connor
Creative Consultant
Benjamin Cleary
Environment Artist
Mark Ranson
Additional Programming
Alexej Perevosnikov
Recording Engineer
Josh Haynes
Lee Harris
Character Art & Additional Animation
No Ghost
VFX Artist
Omar Parada
Audio Director/ Sound Designer
Tom Bible