Under The Skin

Wimbledon / McCann London

The All England Tennis Club tasked No Ghost with creating a short film that visualises the wide and varied data points collected throughout the famous Wimbledon Tournament.

wimbledon ibm mccann rendered data sculpture
data point vizualisation of motion captured tennis player

Turning bulk data into something useful.

Through the collection of a huge variety of metrics, Wimbledon looks to understand the game and the tournament on a deeper level year upon year.

wimbledon depth sensor capture

Harnessing the power and natural fluidity of motion capture.

Our friends at The Mocap Studio used a state of the art Xsens tracking suit which allows the performer complete freedom of movement whilst being able to capture motion in any environment, eliminating the need for a complex and expensive stage setup.

wimbledon point cloud visualisation

Giving audiences a sense of the complexity of the data that is collected.

Using a mixture of detailed motion capture and extensive Houdini simulation we experimented with a large number of different looks. Capturing the impression of random building data points whilst maintaining the fluid movement of the player required an approach with multiple different components, that could be combined in different proportions to create a rich and tactile visual.

wimbledon data animation


Direction, Editing and Animation
No Ghost
Exec Producer
Alex Webster
Advertising Agency
McCann London
Agency Account Director
Tommy Smith
Motion Capture
The Mocap Studio
Dom Thompson-Talbot Production Assistant Maryam Anibaba
Agency Creatives
Jess Mallet Lottie Sole
Friends Electric
Creative Directors
Alexei Berwitz Rob Webster
Agency Producer
Angelica Polonczyk