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We’re always on the lookout for talent. Feel free to reach out if you want to join our team, collaborate with us, or simply have a chat.


In-house or remote
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For our upcoming projects we are looking to expand our development team. If you’ve worked with either Unity or Unreal Engine please get in contact.

Levels of experience from junior/internship to senior are all encouraged to apply, there are options for those looking for fixed term contract or freelancer work. As well as experience with the platforms above we are especially looking for the following skills;

  • Gameplay/UX Systems Design and Development
  • VR and AR Design and Development
  • Shading and GPU Programming
  • Pipeline and Tools Development

CG Lead

In House, Hybrid or Remote
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We're looking for an experienced CG Lead to join our team across multiple exciting projects. Leading and aiding a team of CG Artists will be your responsibility, whether that's writing tools to aid the pipeline or flexing your creative and technical muscles across all areas of the CG pipeline.

You'll be creatively problem solving all sorts of issues related to production of both mobile experiences and high-end games within Unreal Engine. Candidates should have a clear understanding of the intricacies of optimisation for both mobile and console.

We're looking for candidates that find working on different challenges day to day exciting and aren't afraid to jump across different disciplines.

A strong artistic eye is essential.


In-house or remote
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Apply now

We’re always on the look out for talent! All levels of experience are encouraged to drop their CV in with us.

Our culture

We believe innovation thrives in a collaborative environment where all voices are valued.

Our company culture is built on the philosophy that we are stronger together, that the quality of our work comes from a diverse and open team in which people feel free to share their insights.

Diversity - Stronger together

We believe diverse identities and experiences intrinsically enhance the narratives we shape.

Diversity and representation are key to our collaborative environment. Good stories come from everywhere, and different experiences and backgrounds can shape how we understand them. We recognise that distinct identities and voices bring depth and interest to the stories that we tell. We are always searching for unique perspectives to bring fresh opportunities for growth and change to the narratives we explore and share.

Development - Aiming higher

We champion continuous learning, ensuring every team member feels valued, supported, and empowered to explore new horizons.

Learning is a continuous process. We encourage everyone to grow both personally and professionally. We believe that the value of a creative team is in each member's ability to feel heard, equipped and supported. We learn by actively listening to each other and building a connection that transforms our shared insights into tangible skills. This collaborative process fuels our confidence and drives us to explore new horizons.

Openness - Sharing knowledge

Embracing transparent communication, we cultivate a space where everyone can freely express ideas for collective success.

We believe that a culture of transparency and communication is vital to our success. Whether in daily team meetings, brainstorming sessions, or one-on-one conversations, we encourage our team members to express their ideas, thoughts and criticisms freely. By embracing and appreciating each other's unique working practices, we forge closer connections and cultivate a collaborative environment where everyone has the opportunity to excel.

Atmosphere - Staying happy

We've built a studio where kindness meets flexibility, ensuring a nurturing space for boundless creativity.

We create a studio environment where everyone feels valued and motivated to produce their best ideas; a place where people are free to be happy and healthy throughout the working day. The studio has a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, full of kind people who like to have fun. We prioritize our team's health, offering a range of employee health benefits and organising events for our team to build bonds beyond the workplace. We also offer flexible work schedules and hybrid working in our quest to be a fair and compassionate employer. Together, we cultivate a comfortable workspace where relationships grow and creativity shines.

In a living room in North London

In 2015, five friends were living together in a shared house. They did everything together, everything except work. With consumer VR headsets becoming available, they spent their spare time building their first immersive experience. Expecting to show just 10 people, they scraped together a few headsets to debut the experience at an event.

To their surprise, a two hour queue formed to try their three minute demo! That was the spark they needed - soon after, an immersive story studio was launched. No longer in a lounge, the studio is driven by the passion and close bond of it’s founders.