Madrid Noir - The Prologue

No Ghost

Madrid Noir is a narrative driven VR mystery crafted by our love for the noir genre, the 1930's and puppies. We love puppies.

james castillo concept image of 1940s detective on tram in madrid
madrid noir logo

A story for everybody, crafted for VR.

Directed by James Castillo, developed by No Ghost and produced by Atlas V, 'Madrid Noir' is an experience that puts the player in the shoes of a detective, helping the characters to solve puzzles and hopefully save the day!

madrid noir dogs promotional banner concept design

Pushing the limits of indie VR filmmaking.

Combining the latest in real-time technology and a level of craft from some of the best animators in the world, Madrid Noir sets a new bar for real-time storytelling. No Ghost has been developing a visual style that mixes hand crafted toon shading with the realistic dynamic lighting of Unreal Engine.

madrid noir colour color keys by nacho molina concept painting

Technology driven storytelling

An AR preview for the VR experience allowed fans to see the characters in their true spatial form, something that just isn’t possible in a traditional 2D medium. No Ghost is planning to expand the world of Madrid Noir into various new media.

detective exploration drawing concepts by james castillo
dani exploration drawings for madrid noir
puppy exploration paintings for madrid noir
building and props design concept drawings by juancho capic for madrid noir
building facia concept for madrid noir
manolo expression sheet concept by james castillo for madrid noir
paquita pug expression sheet artwork by james castillo for madrid noir
expression sheet dani bad guy madrid noir faces concept art
madrid noir teaser concept with detective and pug


Development Studio
No Ghost
Line Producer
Kye Dorricott
Production Designer
Juancho Crespo
Animation Director
Ben Steer
Visual Effects by
Teo Barrault
Music by
Carlos Rodriguez Rodriguez
Written By
James A.Castillo, Lawrence Bennett and Ben Steer
James A. Castillo
Executive Producer
Lawrence Bennett
CG Supervisors
Tom Flavelle Luke Gibbard
Animation by
Omid Rajabalipour Aziz Kocanaogullari
Colour Artist
Nacho Molina
Special Thanks to
Enrique Dueñas, The Line Animation, Mária Rakušanová, Paul Ashall, Mum and Dad
Production Company
Atlas V
Engine Developer
Jack Straw
Leo Blackmur
Sound Designer
Jose Luis Lara