Wallace & Gromit in The Grand Getaway

Virtual Reality
Atlas V / Aardman
90 mins
Meta Quest 2+
Official website
Official website

Wallace and Gromit prepare for a well-earned golfing getaway.

They've even created a new Auto-Caddy contraption to join them! But Wallace soon discovers he has his dates mixed up, and they need a quick solution to make up time! There’s only one option...they’ll have to take the Rocket and hope nothing goes wrong along the way… 🚀!

An immersive adventure

Wallace and Gromit are preparing for a well-earned golfing getaway, but mishaps and mayhem send them hurtling off course!

In ‘The Grand Getaway’, holidays are in the offing for Wallace and Gromit. Sun, sand, and the chance to test out their latest contraption, Auto-Caddy. But Wallace has his dates mixed up – they have to be on the other side of the country in just half an hour! There’s only one thing for it… they’ll take the Rocket!

Under the guidance of BERYL, their beverage employee related logistics contraption, the pair pack and prepare for take-off. But soon a mishap with the controls sent the team hurtling off course. Will this be a holiday to remember?

The Grand Getaway is an interactive, narrative-led VR experience for the Meta Quest which will take fans on a brand-new adventure with much-loved characters Wallace and Gromit.

Step into the shoes (and paws) of the legendary duo and join them on an epic new adventure… on VR!

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Wallace in VR holding a golf stick in a fantastical neon purple alien world.
Wallace holding a golf stick in a fantastical neon purple alien world.
A screenshot of Wallace & Gromit in The Grand Getaway, mountainous landscape on Mars, planet Saturn is visible in the night sky.
From a VR perspective we see Wallace sitting on a deck chair, having a picnic on Mars, a rocket ship parked behind him. Autocady pours tea from a tea pot into Wallace’s mug.
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Wallace and Gromit characters originally created by

Nick Park


Ben Whitehead


Miriam Margolyes

Directed by

Finbar Hawkins & Bram Ttwheam

Written by

Finbar Hawkins

Creative Direction for Wallace & Gromit

Merlin Crossingham & Nick Park

Gameplay Director

Lawrence Bennett

Produced by

Joseph Bell, Julien Bercy, Arnaud Colinart, Ryan Genji Thomas, Joana Malagueira & Dash Spiegelman

Executive Producers

Antoine Cayrol, Arnaud Colinart, Luke Gibbard, Sarah Malkin, Lorna Probert, Yelena Rachitsky

Executive Director

Daniel Efergan

Wallace & Gromit Theme Music

Julian Nott

Original Score

Michael Csányi-Wills

Additional UX Design

Darius Guernet


Merlin Crossingham, Finbar Hawkins, Nick Park, Bram Ttwheam

Executive Director

Daniel Efergan


Joseph Bell

Executive Producer

Lorna Probert

Head of CG

Ben Toogood

CG Supervisor

Nathan Guttridge

CG Modellers

Okera Damani, Andrew Lavery & Trine Sorensen

Junior CG Rigger

Olivia Gunson

Supervising Animator

Daniel Gerhardt

Lead Animator

Inez Woldman


Samuel Addo, Jono Candlish-Wilson, John Hedley, John Ogden & Maciek Wojtkiewicz

Technical Artist

Codey Dyer

Story Consultant

James Higginson

Story & Concept Art

Paul Abbott, Jim Grant, Amy Lewis & David Vinicombe

Senior Storyboard Artist

Sylbia Bull

Graphic Designer

Sarah Matthews

Production Coordinator

Beth Loates-Taylor

Trainee Narrative Designer

Grace Ball

Voiceover Audio Engineer

Will Davies

Commercial Director

Rob Goodchild

Wallace and Gromit Brand and Marketing

Blair Brown, Anna Lewis, Rachael Peacock, Elizabeth Quigley, Luisa Sanders and Lucy Wendover

Production Legal Team

Layla Stapenhurst, Kari Bannister, Nikki Collier & Amelia Maher

Resource & Talent Management

Celia Hunt

With thanks to

Aardman Executive Board & Creative Counsel

BERYL appears with the kind permission of

Tiny Rebel Games, Sugar Creative & Potato.

Chief Executive Officer

Fred Volhuer

Chief Financial Officers

Laura Karle & Charles Vincent Rey

Executive Producers

Antoine Cayrol, Arnaud Colinart, Fred Volhuer & Pierre Zandrowicz

Chief Financial Officer Deputy

Sophie Agueda


Julien Bercy, Oriane Hurard, Aurelie Leduc, Michael Masukawa & Dash Spiegelman

Associate Producers

Marion Mikolajski, Adrien Pflug

Associate Producers Intern

Maureen Bastian

Special Thanks to

Colum Slevin, Ryan Genji Thomas & Samantha Payne

Head of Distribution

Antoine Cayrol

Exhibitions & Partnerships

Danielle Giroux

Head of Publishing

Jordan Moutamani


Veronica Rodriguez

Marketing support

Zoé Lemaire

Immersive Exhibitions Producer

Mehdi Mejri

Festival Manager

Juliette Chabrier

Project Coordinator

Alexis Bourson

Distribution support

Romain Garbati

Communication support

Guillaume Geoffre

Special thanks to

all testers for their kind help


Ryan Genji Thomas

Executive Producers

Sarah Malkin & Yelena Rachitsky

Head of Content QA & Localization

Brian Bezerra

Acquisitions & Programming Lead

Brittney Black

Content Curator, Programming & Acquisitions

Scott Emmer

Product Marketing Manager

Connie Chu

Content Strategy & Insights Lead

Ryan Nugent

Head of Content Programs and Tools, Content Operations

Valeria Lucchesi

Project Manager, Content Operations

Kathy Struif


Andres Carrillo, Mariam Karson & Shelly McGee

Additional Narrative Design

Lawrence Bennett

Project Manager

Joana Malagueira

Executive Producer

Luke Gibbard

CG Supervisors

Michal Firkowski & Tom Flavelle

Consultant Developer

Jack Straw

Lead Developers

Patryk Ponichtera & Matthew Warshaw


Marcin Biegun, Holly Clibbon, Ramy Daghstani, Seonjeong Park, Miia Remahl & Finn Tanner

Hand Tracking Developer

Simone Mangiapelo

Technical Artists

Mohannad Al-Khatib, Joshua Chaplin, Andrew Dowell

3D Artists

Sarah Barets, Tiphanie Maya & Sarah Zimmerman

Production Assistant

Xiaofan Shen

Executive Producer

Pierre Boulaton

Art Director

Daniel Balage

Head of 3D

Gaël Chaize


Vincent Dudouet

Associate Producers

Reda Isber & Nina Robin

Lead 3D

Justine Chamel

3D Artists

Sarah Barets, Nathan Braye, Corentin Itan, Tiphanie Maya & Olivier Marmillon

Technical Director

Axel Barrois

Lead Dev

Johan Vignon


Marvin Cano

Tech Artist

Guillaume Leblay


Bryan Olivier

User Testing Coordinator

Nina Robin

QA Tester

Robin Dumoutier

Foley Artist

Nicolas Bredin

HR Manager

Thomas Hue


Chloe Georget

Production Babies

Bloom, Leonard, Agathe & Oscar


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