Future Makers

Siemens / RSA Films

Future Makers is a series of bespoke 360 videos that document the lives of Siemens employees from around the world. No Ghost provided the Post-Production expertise to deliver a sequence of seamless 360 videos.

siemens future makers cover image india
chengdu china meal 360 dome stitch eating fish

Get the full perspective of Siemens’ global business enterprise.

No Ghost was responsible for delivering seamlessly stitched plates, extensive cleanup and plate combinations along with clean motion graphics and full CGI shots. See the entire project and download the app at the Siemens 360 portal here.

chicago 360 siemens future makers vr film

The internal PR project giving employees a global insight.

The 5 part, 360 documentary series was paired with distribution of google cardboard VR headsets, enabling every one of the 351,000 Siemens employees to experience what life is like for their colleagues around the world.

siemens 360 unwrapped future makers film car

Using VFX workflow to enhance the medium.

Over the course of this production we expanded the scope of the pipeline to enable the addition of VFX elements to compliment the live action 360 footage. With the ability to integrate illustrative CGI elements, there was no creative limit to what could be achieved. The Siemens 'Germany' film demonstrates this most clearly, featuring both full CG 360 shots and seamless CG integration.

siemens chengdu china digital factory future makers 360 film
chicago 360 siemens future makers vr film
siemens 360 unwrapped future makers film car
siemens train horizon 360 film virtual tour
future makers bike tool shop 360 documentary
busy india market street 360 documentary filmmaking
siemens future makers india turbine factory 360 lat long
cengdu siemens documentary meal with colleagues 360 virtual reality
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Post Production
No Ghost
Filmed by
M7 Virtual
Orlaith Turner Johnny Fairburn Dom Thompson-Talbot
Audio Production
Silent Studios
Production Company
Friends Electric
Juriaan Booij
Exec Producer
Alex Webster